Santa Barbara, CA

My son has just completed the five-day soccer camp at Eling’s Park Santa Barbara. I would like it if you could pass on to the director how pleased we are with the camp. My husband and I were very keen for our son to try soccer and this was his first exposure to the game. It was such a positive, rewarding experience for him and I cannot praise the two coaches James Horman and Neil Wright enough. They had just the right balance of discipline, fun, and teaching of skills and my son absolutely loved the whole week. I stayed everyday for the full three hours to watch the camp and I am so impressed with the way these two coaches conducted the camp that I feel their superiors should know what a fantastic job they are doing.



Cheryl and Steve John

Ruskin, FL


This is just a quick note to let you know that they coaches we had this summer were the best ever! We appreciated their organization, ability to work with the kids and especially their gracious ways in our homes. Please send them again! We would love to have the same three, if they return next summer! We have already had families volunteer to house them next year. Ian stayed with us and was very conscientious of his paper work and job. He was a delight to have in our home. Thanks for a great summer camp. The kids loved it and learned so much.

Vicki Rumsey AYSO Regional Commissioner

La Center, WA

Just wanted to thank you guys for a great camp last week! I am on the soccer board here in La Center, last year my kids had such a wonderful experience we not only voted to bring you back but also hosted a coach this year. What a great group of young guys you have, all of them were fantastic, the kids loved them and learned considerable. You can be proud of Kevin, Shawn, Tom, and most of all Shawn R. (He stayed with us), they represented UK International camps very well. Shawn was great to have with us we will do it again next year. My kids want him to come back and cried all the way home after we dropped him off, we hope to stay in touch, he became like part of the family. Thanks again, looking forward to next year.


Bob Ludahl


Tuscarora, PA

I wanted to write to inform you of a recent camp experience that our family had. We signed up our 4 year-old for a local UK soccer camp (860-Tuscarora) to give him basic exposure to the sport and give him some confidence in some of the starting skills. He is extremely shy so this was a challenge for him to participate. He was assigned coach Ryan and Ben. Ryan had the younger group for the week. Because of our son's age, etc, we remained on the field during the camp hours and were able to observe all of the interactions within the teams. We were very impressed with the professionalism and genuine interest that the coaches took in each of the children on the teams. They went out of their way to make our son (as well as others) feel comfortable and involved in the team, even though, he was the youngest and smallest member. Coach Ryan and Ben were quite friendly with parents and offered guidance and encouragement as our son was introduced to the sport. By the end of the week, our 4 year old had developed a trusting relationship and enjoyed the time of day when he was able to go see Ryan and Ben. It was a challenge for Ryan to keep my son's attention as his age doesn't stay on a task for too long but he tirelessly kept an eye on him and redirected him when able. Our son came out of the camp with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and even courage that we didn't see in him before the week started. We have wonderful memories and even new friendships with others from the camp out of our experience. What wonderful coaches you assigned to our camp, thank you. If there is a way to relay our sincere gratitude to the two individuals involved, please do so on our behalf as we want them to know their efforts and energy spent are worth so much more than they may know.


In appreciation,

Cathy Wilt

Burnet, TX

The camp was excellent. The kids loved it and had the best time. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with Anthony he was absolutely amazing with the kids. Fantastic. John was great as well and helpful with helping us figure things out for next time. They both were great. We can’t wait till our next camp. Pearl City, HI The coaches clinic that I attended was great as always. All the teachers never cease to amaze me with their insights of the game. The things that I have learned will be valuable to the way I will teach the game.


Ensuring that our AYSO kids have a great time in having FUN with the game. I can't thank you enough and we look forward to seeing you all again. Maybe semi-annual we hope.


Coach Nito

Kansas City, KS
My son (J.T.) was in last week’s AYSO Camp in Kansas City. I cannot say enough great things about Coaches Thomas and Dan. They were fabulous, fun, and effective. The camp would not have been the same without these two coaches. My son has been singing the “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” song ever since. Thanks to Coach Thomas and Coach Dan,


Dana Vohs and family

Tucson, AZ (Region 922)
Well, the camp went great! Not only that, but when Kent told the kids on Friday that this was the end, he was greeted by a resounding, unanimous "One More Week!, One More Week!" from all the campers. Obviously they really enjoyed the camp and the coaches. They were truly terrific. The coaches did a fantastic job, as always!



Fayetteville, TN

I wanted to let you know how much our kids - Alex and Gus Palacio - enjoyed soccer camp which was put on last week in Fayetteville, Tennessee. The guys that were here conducting the camp were awesome (Chris Marx and Ben Haugh). My kids have been going for the last 4 years and this year beat them all. Best group of coaches that have been here yet.
Your organization always puts on a great camp - your guys should be commended for a job well done. The parents were commenting on what a great experience it was. Just saying a great big thank you!!!


Alice Palacio

Elizabeth City, NC
My son and nephew attended soccer camp this summer and I wanted to send a personal email regarding the four wonderful coaches they had. Their coaches were Jonny Adams, Sarah Shard, Craig Pilon and Gillian Cree. They were the most wonderful people, taught the boys a lot and the boys loved going everyday to see what they would do different. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful soccer camp experience and I wanted to be sure that these coaches were recognized for their outstanding leadership and truly wonderful personalities. After just briefly meeting the coaches you immediately had a warm feeling and you were greeted daily with smiling faces.
Thank you for helping to provide such a wonderful camp for the boys and girls in our area.



Nanette Ferguson

Mason, NH

I just wanted to be sure to let you know how wonderful your Soccer Camp Program was. My son Mitchell is 7 and went into the camp with a passive attitude about soccer. Now that camp is over he has a fire inside him and can't wait for our regular AYSO season to start. The two coaches - Max and Patti were awesome. They were both so great with the kids - kept the group focused, made sure everyone played fair - and everyone had fun.
Please be sure to pass along my kudos to our coaches - they were fabulous!


Have a great day,

Kim Hemmer

Brea, CA
I want to let you know that the team camp for our boys U12 Brea Blaze team was a big success.
Russ Finch was absolutely top notch as a trainer and a pleasure to have as a guest in our house. On the field, his in depth knowledge of the game was matched only by his ability to communicate technical and tactical lessons to the boys. His passion for the game was inspiring and he quickly developed a rapport with the team. He set high standards for the boys, worked very hard to help each of them improve, and they responded by working very hard as well. Russ also worked with our team trainer to come up with an effective curriculum for the week. I am pleased to say that the team improved measurably this week thanks to Russ.
I was equally impressed by Russ' work ethic and generosity off the field. He took time to get to know each member of our family, assisted his fellow trainers working near by, and helped out around the house. He was thoughtful and considerate at all times. Each of us felt like we made a new friend this week.
I asked you for a trainer who would teach the boys at a high level with enthusiasm. Russ exceeded my expectations in all respects. I would give him an unqualified recommendation to any other club team, and hope that we can have Russ back in the future.
Thank you for your efforts to accommodate our schedule and needs. Our first UKISC team camp was a fantastic experience.


Paul D. Lundegard, Ph.D.

Stanwood, WA
I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much we benefited and enjoyed working with Daniel Grannon. He taught my U-12 Stanwood-Camano United Fire team the week of August 8-12th at Stanwood Elementary. It was very well worth the money. We are a brand new team with very talented young ladies who needed to become a "team" and we did that by the third day of the camp. Everything else was cherries on top. Daniel was very professional, demanded attention, and instilled the confidence in my girls to be winners. He took my list of team weaknesses and made them strengths. I hope we can get Daniel again next year.


Thank you so much,

Patty Lawrence Coach U-12 Girls Stanwood-Camano United Fire '93

Camarillo, CA

Josh worked well.  He seemed to understand this age group and worked well with the boys.  As a coach, I benefited by learning some new techniques and training games that I will continue to use during my training sessions.  Further, Josh had immediate training schemes for particular weaknesses (striking, spreading the ball across the field, etc) and demonstrated ways to work these into a complete training session by starting with basic drills and finishing with games incorporating things learned through the drills.

Roman Spandrio Boys U14

Chicago, IL  
Thanks for helping to work out all of the details so that the men from AYSO Soccer Camps could be at our region to deliver a U12 Coach Training.  It was by far the most successful coach training that we have had in our region for as long as I have been involved in West Chicago AYSO.  
We are excited about the high quality of the training and the expectations that it brings for our spring season.


Thanks again to all, and big kudos for Murray and Peter.  
Tom Solon - RC

Thousand Oaks, CA

Wow!! The clinics last night went very, very well thanks to all your trainers that did a fine job. I have never had feedback on training like this!! Here are just some of the comments I got back today – please pass them on to all the UK Soccer guys:  

“I enjoyed the clinics tonight (U6/U7/U8 and Goalie Training).  Honestly, I wish we had these clinics as the coaches training prior to the season starting. Thanks again for providing these clinics.  - Jeff Stovall





Thanks for putting on the clinic last night. It was really great. I'd like to have Jimmy Corbett if possible next week.


Thanks again,

Forrest Andrews


Hi Tom -- That was really a good idea.  I thought it worked out well. At first I have to admit I thought about this as almost a trip to the dentist.  So thanks again to you and Bob and others, Bob Sussman”


Thanks again!!

Tom Becker


Dear UK International,

Just wanted to recap or summarize the EXP program and Michael Butler's involvement…

The inaugural season of the EXP program in 6/A this past spring went well as far as our trainer Mike Butler was involved. He was extremely polite, knew how to communicate and train all the players,
was extremely helpful training the coaches, was well versed in AYSO and the philosophies and the NCC recommendations for developing players at the U10 level.

He was punctual, persistent in making up time lost due to weather and field conditions and was very helpful in evaluating players during try-outs. His attendance at the playoffs and tournament was
very well received from both the coaches and the players.

He involvement enriched our program beyond our expectations. He was a pleasure to work with and the players had an amazing time with him. I am happy that he will be around this summer in various roles and we hope to have him back in the fall. The entire interaction with AYSO camps was pleasant and the process for obtaining the trainer was simple.


Thanks to you and Mike Butler for a wonderful experience this past spring, I look forward to our further interaction in the upcoming summer and FS2009 seasons.


Carrie Rolseth
Area 6/A EXP Director